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Fine porcelain pair of Cased Salts with Spoons
French 19th century
African warrior with ivory necklace
Sculpture, hand built clay, glazed and paint,
ornate patterning, unsigned
highly detailed with glaze, exceptional color and gloss
Jester Musician with dog on his lap
19th century figural lid
highly detailed, hand-painted in bright colors
porcelain, 7" high, 6" in length, 3" wide
very unusual object $145

African warrior with ivory necklace
side view

Late 19th century Gold-banded
Miniature Tea set
- American
Belleek Tridacna Teacup
- Complete set of 8 Cups & Saucers
with Bread Plates -
Porcelain figures - early marks
Beatrix Potter
Beswick Storybook Characters (left to right)

Foxy Whiskered Gentleman 5"
Beswick first issue BP-1 w/gold paper label $200

Foxy Whiskered Gentleman 5"
Beswick BP-3a $125

Miss Moppet 3 1/4"
first variation Beswick BP-2 $200

Cousin Ribby
Beswick, later mark $85

Pigling Bland 4 1/4"
Beswick first issue, first variation
as found, $ 145

Royal Bayreuth Nut Dish (2 1/4" diameter, 1" h) Royal Bayreuth Nut Dish bottom mark
Susan Thayer Elephant Tea Pot

Japanese Tea Set

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