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Gustafberg Fat Art
William Blake's etching from
Lavatere's Physiognomy, 1789-1798
Il Decameron, 1587
First English translation, 1789-1798. Folio of five volumes. 169 plates, including those by William Blake. Contains over 800 illustrations. This is the most complete and most important work on the subject of Physiognomy in ints most lavish edition. Physiuognomy is the 18th century study of the the shape of the human head, and how people sometimes look like animals.
Boccacio’s most famous work, penned between 1351 and 1353. The title comes from the Greek deca meaning ten, and hemera meaning day which refers to the framework of the story. Set in the year of the Black Death [1348], seven ladies and three gallants meet in a Florentine Church where they decide to flee the city to the hills of Fiesole. There they entertain themselves by recounting stories all of the ten days

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